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Little is known about this particular picture but it has been floating around for years. There does seem to be a transparent dog at the woman’s side. Will update if more information is found.

Under the main window in the centre of the picture, a strange apparition appeared that was not there at the time the photograph was taken. Unfortunately this picture has been severely damaged and little is known about its origin.

Dog At Tea Party
Cathedral Apparition.
Photo taken during an investigation of the reputedly haunted Toys R Us building. The man standing in the back holding what looks like a ball was not part of the investigation team and was not there when the photo was taken.

Toys R Us - Video
Photo taken a few months after the Lutz family fled. The boy is supposed to resemble that of one of the Defeo boys who was murdered there a year earlier.
Amityville Ghost Boy
Terry Clanton took this ghost picture of his friend at Boot Hill Graveyard, Tombstone,
Arizona. Taken in black and white because Clanton's friend wanted an old west style
picture of himself dressed in Clanton's 1800's period clothes. Terry took the film for
developing to a local drug store, and he couldn't believe what he saw...this has now made
him a believer in ghosts! Among the gravestones, just to the right of Terry's friend, is an
image of a thin man in a dark hat. By height, the man would have to be rising up out of the ground.
Boot Hill Ghost
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